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*New Supplement* Results

*New Supplement* Results

Vagus Nerve Support Results / Symptoms

  • 3/15 Friday (Started) 

    • Noticed more energy than normal

      • Good spoons day? 

      • Didn’t yawn until midnight (had been napping at 2-4pm)

    • No nap needed today!

  • 3/16 Saturday

    • Pooped first thing in the morning!

      • Without coffee or stimulants

    • No nap needed today!

    • Drove for Uber til late

  • 3/17 Sunday

    • Pooped first thing in the morning!

      • Without coffee or stimulants

    • No nap needed today!

    • Drove for Uber til late

  • 3/18 Monday

    • Pooped first thing in the morning!

      • Without coffee or stimulants

    • Feeling pretty good 😊 Energy = 7/10

      • Bloating is way less than normal

    • Pooped again after lunch !

    • No nap needed today!

    • Worked at Restaurant til late

  • 3/19

    • Pooped first thing in the morning!

      • Seriously, this is a record for me!!!!! 

      • Keep in mind, this is prior to taking the supplement in the morning

    • Energy level 8/10

    • Feeling good!

    • Worked at the restaurant til late

  • 3/20

    • Friend coming to town! Gets in at 10pm, I work til 11pm

    • Woke up at 9am (way earlier than normal) to do chores

    • Took meds

    • Did: laundry, cleaned litter boxes, took out the trash, vacuumed

    • Energy level 3/10. Yawning and exhausted (chores = spoon draining)

    • Needed a nap at 3pm

      • Slept from 315-4pm

    • Haven’t pooped yet. 

    • Worked from 5pm-11pm

    • Went out with friend 

  • 3/21

    • Photoshoot & errands

    • No poop

    • Editing photos

    • Relaxing evening

  • 3/22

    • No poop

    • Worked til late

    • Bloated, needed nap

  • 3/23

    • Pooped late morning

    • Balboa park

  • 3/24

    • Pooped late morning

    • REI then Los Angeles for the evening

      • Bird scooters

  • 3/25

    • Pooped, early morning

Overall, I feel like things are improving and I’m going to continue using this supplement. Being able to poop more than once or twice a week is definitely worth the price! I’ve tried so many things to be “regular” and every one of them has failed. 


So I did a terrible job at keeping track of this every day. What I can tell you, is that I pooped almost every other day (other things threw off my routine - friends/family coming to stay with me and going on adventures here in San Diego) and that my average energy level was better than normal. 

I want to be completely transparent - I received this 1st bottle for free to test it out. I also get a small percentage of the sales I generate (to help keep this blog going). I will never recommend a supplement I haven’t personally tried and believe in. For me, this supplement worked and I’m sharing it with you because maybe it’ll work for you too. I’ve tried so many different things (including medications prescribed by my doctor) and this is the first thing to help with my constipation issues and boost my energy levels.

Wrapping it all up:

  • I’m going to continue taking this supplement. After being off of it for a couple weeks, I can definitely notice the difference. It feels like it’s taking me twice as much energy to get moving and out of the house...and my constipation is back :(  

  • If you’d like to purchase the supplement or find out more (they have some published studies on their website)

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