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Are you curious?

Are you curious?

So, I know if I were on the other end of reading about a new supplement, I’d want to know more about it (what is it?!?!).

I’m an impatient person and have a hard time keeping anything secret. And since things seem to be going really well for me so far (granted it’s only Day 2). I wanted to share with all of you, in case you wanted to do a trial run of it yourself.

Here’s what I’ve experienced so far:

  • Day 1

    • Noticed a difference in energy. I didn’t start yawning uncontrollably until after midnight (I work in the restaurant industry so I’m always up late). Usually this happens between 2-4pm and I have to take a quick nap before I head off to work

  • Day 2

    • Pooped first thing in the morning, BEFORE having coffee or hot cocoa (normally have to have something warm to get things moving). This hasn’t happened in years! Which is why I couldn’t wait to share this supplement. I deal with chronic constipation to the point of pain. Seriously, a game changer. And if this keeps up, I’ll be purchasing a monthly supply for myself, just for this alone!


This is the one that I’m trying. Yes, one bottle was sent to me as a free trial and yes, if you purchase I get a small portion of the purchase price.

I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but if you’re interested (and would be looking to purchase it anyway, please use this link) and you can get 10% off with the code [spoonsandbrainfog] or if you order as a monthly subscription, they reduce the price by $10 (click the ad below if that’s the option you want)

Again, I’m only sharing this early on because I can’t keep anything to myself, especially when it’s off to a good start. And as a reader, I’d be curious and want to know more so I could do my own research.

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