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Low Spoons or Rainy Days

Low Spoons or Rainy Days

We all have those Low Spoons or Icky Weather days (too cold/rainy/etc to want to go outside).

What do you do with your low spoons or rainy days?

I know some of the time I spend it sleeping because I need to recharge my spoon count. But other days, I absolutely love to read on my kindle. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love reading from a paperback or hardcover book. But I found myself trying to figure out how to get comfortable, how to get the light just right so I could read without straining my eyes, and how to hold my book without my hand falling asleep.

The kindle went on sale for Cyber Monday and I snagged one right away. Best purchase I’ve made in the last year. The “screen” is like book, so you can read in the bright sun without any glare. It’s really lightweight. Honestly, I think my case probably weighs the same as the kindle by itself (I like to keep my electronics protected so I have this one).

You can electronically borrow books from your public library. Coolest part? They AUTOMATICALLY return themselves, no late fees ever again and a huge library to choose from for FREE! It’s backlit, you can choose the size of your font and the boldness (I like mine a little bigger and super bold), and it’ll sync to the kindle app on your phone (so it’ll keep your place, even if you forget your kindle and you’re sitting at the doctor’s office and want to read on your phone).

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

It goes without saying that there are some major players in the video streaming scene. I didn’t realize that Amazon Prime video had the entire collection of the Sopranos! I’d never watched it before because I don’t pay for regular TV, I stream everything. Great for finding a new show to have on in the background.

My Netflix background noise list:

  • Gilmore Girls

  • Friends

  • Scrubs

Hulu, I keep up on way too many shows on here. Oops! But here’s an attempt at my full list (by category):

Medical Dramas

  • Grey’s Anatomy (please please don’t end this show anytime soon!)

  • Station 19

  • New Amsterdam (LOVE this show!)

  • The Good Doctor

  • The Resident

  • Chicago Med

Family Drama

  • This Is Us (I swear they try to make me cry every episode)

  • Empire

Crime Shows

  • Law & Order SVU

  • Chicago Fire & Chicago PD

  • For the People

  • How to Get Away with Murder

  • Blindspot (but this one is starting to get old for me)

Hulu Originals

  • Handmaid’s Tale

Comic Relief

  • Good Girls

  • Speechless

  • Modern Family

  • Blackish

  • Splitting Up Together

  • The Goldbergs

  • The Good Place

  • Will & Grace


I’ve always had a love for gadgets, little did I know how much my mom’s gift of an Echo Spot or as I call it “The Magic 8 Ball”, would have on my apartment. I can have Alexa turn on and off the lights - when you’re too tired to get up to flip a switch, this is a game changer! She’s got some pretty good sound… but I felt the need to add to my collection…

So I added a refurbished Echo 1st generation and the sound is amazing! It’s got some pretty decent base and I love the dial on top. Cost about $70 and I have it in my bathroom so I can enjoy music while relaxing in the tub. Incredibly handy for the “Aha" moments or “Don’t forget to…” - I just tell Alexa to add items I need to my shopping list (like when I’m running out of shampoo, body wash, etc.) or remind me to run an errand that I’d forget about. And finally having the ability to Skip songs by saying “Alexa, NEXT!”, when a song I hate decides to creep into my playlist.

If you buy it through Amazon, you get a 1 year warranty and they’ll work on it and fix it for free if you run into any issues, even though it’s used/refurbished :)

What do you do with your low spoons or rainy days?

What’s your favorite or go-to show on Netflix? Hulu? Amazon?

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*New Supplement* Results

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