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Ehlers Danlos Braces *Updated May 2019*

Ehlers Danlos Braces *Updated May 2019*

Here is a list of the braces I have purchased and use

Serola SI Belt - I love this belt so much that I own 2 of them! Unlike other braces, it doesn't hike up all day long. For me, it stays put (right below my hip bones).  Love it! It's great for lower back pain and hip pain.

LP Support Knee Brace 533CA - I was diagnosed at 16 with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (long before my EDS diagnosis, I wonder if I should have this reevaluated...), this brace helps to keep my kneecap from grinding and locking on my femur. 

Superfeet Orange - These were suggested by my Physical Therapist. I've found that prescription orthotics didn't work for me and were overpriced. My feet are pretty flat and these provide nice solid arch support. I used to work on my feet between 10-14 hours/day, these kept my feet from screaming at me. I wear them daily and switch them between different pairs of shoes. I remove the built-in crappy insole of each shoe and insert the Superfeet insole. The color of in the insoles represents the level of support (I've listed a few below)

  • Orange is "Engineered for high-impact activities, the Superfeet ORANGE features a shock-absorbing foam forefoot for people who punish their feet."

  • Green is "Start fast and finish strong on the heavy-duty shock absorption and legendary support that make the original Superfeet GREEN our most famous insole."

  • Berry is "With a slimmer heel and an arch length to fit the proportions of the female foot, the Superfeet BERRY were designed for women who live on their feet."

  • Blue is "Long-lasting support packed into a thinner, high-performance insole to help improve the fit of a wide range of footwear."

While this isn't technically a brace, I've found that Men's Boxer Briefs provide comfortable support (I wear my regular underwear underneath) and they fit perfectly under my jeans, sweatpants, or pajamas. And they're cheap and easy to replace :)

Silver Ring Splints - These have to be measured by an Occupational Therapist and are by prescription only. I absolutely love to where this while I work from my computer. I used to wear them out in public, but honestly, I'm afraid of losing them. They're incredibly expensive and my insurance didn't cover them (so I'm on a payment plan to pay off the $2,000 balance. They fit really well and are incredibly comfortable. But as my hands swell, they can become tight & irritating (hot days or POTSie days). And my hands shrink when it's cold (this is when I worry about them falling off).

Body Braid - EDIT 2019 - I finally got to try this out. It is absolutely amazing!!! And you can reconfigure it to help with your seated posture too. See my full post and discount code here :)

This is a list of braces/tools I've seen from other EDSers and would like to try out

Meraki Designs EDS Splints - For those of us without insurance - A fellow EDSer makes and sells these splints - I'll have my own set in the next couple of weeks and I'll be sure to follow up with my own personal review :) EDIT (Updated 2019) - I tried these out before I got my silver ring splints. I know it was due to my poor measurement skills but most of these either fit too tight or too loose for me.

Love the Bug EDS Splints - Again, for those of us without insurance, they send you sizing material so you can order them

The 3pp Oval-8 Finger Splint Sizers -contains the full sizing set so you know what sizes you’ll need

Page Holder - not sure if this would be helpful or hurtful but it has to be better than the position I currently put my thumb in while reading a book.

WristWidget - Looks great!

ManuTrain Wrist Brace - This looks promising but is currently out of my price range at $121

Bauerfeind Manuloc Wrist Support - "The Bauerfeind ManuLoc stabilizing wrist support provides central and lateral stabilization of the wrist, and if necessary, immobilizes with 2 anatomically contoured, adjustable aluminum bars. It utilizies three, Velcro adjustable straps for individualized compression and a precise fit. Provides medically effective support, while leaving the fingers completely free with a free range of movement."

All Bauerfiend Braces - They look supportive and have been recommended by other EDSers (click the images below to go to different links)

Mueller Thumb Stabilizer - looks great for days when my thumb needs extra support

Push MetaGrip - From another EDSer: "Push thumb braces definitely belong in an EDSer's tool kit"

IT Band Strap by Vive - Iliotibial Band Compression Wrap - Outside of Knee Pain, Hip, Thigh & IT Band Syndrome Support Brace for Running and Exercise

Compression Sleeves - Click on the images below to go to their websites

Donjoy SI Belt (Amazon link - Multiple Sizes Available)

Do you have a brace that works well that I should add to this list? Please leave a comment below so I can add it :)

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Ehlers Danlos - Bedroom *Updated May 2019*

Ehlers Danlos - Bedroom *Updated May 2019*

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