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Ehlers Danlos - Bedroom *Updated May 2019*

Ehlers Danlos - Bedroom *Updated May 2019*

Sleep can be difficult with the pains of EDS. Below are some ideas to help you get more comfortable.

Here are the things I've purchased

4 inch thick Memory Foam Mattress Topper - (links to different sizes below) I bought one and I really love it. It's just the right amount of support for me without being too soft. I'd suggest looking around and seeing what sales you can find.

My ex built a table like the one below but we added wheels to it so it could be moved to the head of the bed when I wasn't using it. It was great for writing lengthy papers, researching, or studying in bed.

Pregnancy Pillow - I was gifted the one that I own but this one looks a lot like it.

Things I'd Like to Try

Weighted Blanket - there are several therapeutic benefits to a weighted blanket. The benefits I'm interested in are: promotes sleep, imitates a warm hug, increases production of serotonin, increases production of melatonin, and mimics a massage.

I've heard mixed reviews from other EDS patients about whether or not they're helpful (some swear by them and other say they experienced increased subluxations because they ordered ones that were too heavy. They suggest a lower weight than the standard 10% of your body weight). Talk to your doctor (PT/OT) to determine if a weighted blanket could be beneficial. They can also advise you about what weight would be best or if your insurance might cover the cost.

Bed Rest Lounger Pillow for comfortable couch sitting or bed sitting when I'm working at my laptop. *Bonus tip* Works great under your knees too! (Click the images below to go to their webpage)

A Mermaid Blanket was suggested by another EDSer for pain relief from subluxing joints

Okay, so I'm dreaming here and it's way out of my price range at $160 but this Zero Gravity thing looks fantastic!

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Chronic Illness Dating: When is the right time to come out of the Medicine Cabinet?

Chronic Illness Dating: When is the right time to come out of the Medicine Cabinet?

Ehlers Danlos Braces *Updated May 2019*

Ehlers Danlos Braces *Updated May 2019*