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Fur Baby Love

Fur Baby Love

I have 2 cats. 

Kona will turn 2 years old in July. Kita just turned 1 today :) So I felt that it was time to show some appreciation 

I adopted both of my babies from the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Kona is named after Kona Coffee (because I lovvveee coffee). She's a shy girl and it's difficult to take her picture but she's incredibly chatty (chirping, small meows). She's the best snuggler but only on her terms (and usually for short periods). But she knows when I'm in pain and won't leave my side. She purrs and snuggles closer. I love my little girl. 

Kita is named after my first dog and really is a dog trapped in a kitten's body. She's my little grey tiger, my cuddle buddy, and purr machine. She's incredibly playful and will attack any toy on a string. She's incredibly photogenic and will hold still for pictures. 

Kona was 7 months old when I adopted her in February 2016. She was the only kitten available for adoption and it said she was a "hidden treasure", despite her label, I decided to meet her. She instantly started purring and pushing the full weight of her body into my hand to pet her more. I knew I had to take her home with me. She weighed about 3 pounds and was tiny in comparison to Jasper (my ex-girlfriend's cat). Jasper and Kona became the best of friends. They cuddled together and Jasper helped bring Kona out of her shell. Jasper moved out in July 2016 and I didn't want Kona to be lonely... So I began looking for another kitten.

Kita was 8 weeks old and had been spayed that morning when I adopted her in June 2016. I was the first and only person that got to see her before she was adopted. The day before, I went to 3 different humane societies and 5 kittens were adopted by the people in line ahead of me. The next day, feeling a little defeated, I decided to try the same humane society where I adopted Kona. I went as soon as they opened, saw Kita in her kennel, and immediately put my name on the list. I waited over 2 hours just to meet her. As soon as I played with her, I knew she had to come home with me. My little rambunctious 2.2 pound bundle of joy.

Kona and Kita are inseparable. The run and play together, clean each other, discover together, and I catch them snuggling regularly. I love that they love each other :)

Both of my kittens (I will always call them kittens) have helped me get through my worst symptoms. They snuggle close and purr or distract me from my pain while they play together. I love them from the bottom of my heart and am incredibly lucky that they chose me to be their Mom.

Do your Fur Babies help you through your symptomatic/flare days? Leave a comment below and share your story

Ehlers Danlos Braces *Updated May 2019*

Ehlers Danlos Braces *Updated May 2019*

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