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Tips & Tricks - Kitchen/Office

Tips & Tricks - Kitchen/Office


As an EDS patient, I didn't realize how much simple things I do every day were hurting me...and that there were simple solutions to fix them.

Let's start in the kitchen.

Doing dishes by hand, hurts when you have hypermobile joints. Here are a few simple tools to help (and they're CHEAP!)

I have a tendency to drop dishes, especially while I'm washing them (lost a few of my favorite cups and bowls this way), so I bought these Rubbermaid Sink Protector Mats

For scraping dishes - This gets off the especially stuck on stuff (and costs under $2 at Walmart/Target). It's better than having to scrape with your fingernail

The next ones are good for scrubbing after you've soaked them for a while (or while you're rinsing right after you've eaten).

I use these daily. I have a set of 4 and paid about $8-$10

And I use a dishwand rather than a washcloth because it's easier on my joints. You can pick them up at Walmart/Target for under $5

Next Stop, your Home Office

Things get a bit more expensive in here :/ I invested in a few things a while ago so I don't remember exactly what I paid but if you can wait until they're on sale, you'll save a lot.

Number 1, a quality desk chair. I'm a graduate student, so I spend a lot of time at my computer. This desk chair has saved my back from a lot of pain. This is not the top-of-the-line chair but it's what I can afford as a poor grad student.

Next, Gel padding for your keyboard and mouse

This mouse (in combination with the wrist pad) has saved me from a lot of pain while doing research for school

Brain fog is real and my schedule is unpredictable so I bought a Petnet SmartFeeder for my cats (can be used for dogs too). Now I know they'll always be fed on time. It connects to an app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and you can set meal times and amounts. It does all the feeding for you :)

Do you have any awesome tips/tricks you'd like to share? Please leave a comment or email me and I'll add them to the list :)

*Side Note* I'm sorry for the delay in my posts. It's the final quarter of my graduate program and I managed to come down with the flu :( I've been sick since last Friday and it's not going away. Yes, I went to the doctor...and figured out it's viral, so I just have to wait it out.

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