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My goal is to help provide EDS & Dysautonomia patients with resources to discuss with their healthcare team.

How to Make Your Invisible Disability a little More Visible

How to Make Your Invisible Disability a little More Visible


I cannot stand the stares and mean looks I get when I use my handicap parking placard. Below are a few ideas to help lessen them (click on the images for links)

If you're feeling Sassy

Out and About

Medical Bracelet - helps me communicate with others that I need to be able to sit/lay down or I'm at risk for passing out. Also let's people know important medical information (including my emergency contact) if I'm passed out.

Medical Backpack - the medical patch sewn onto my bag helps people understand that I have a medical condition.

Stickman Communications

They're based in the UK but ship worldwide. Great to show to people that may not understand your conditions or the accommodations you may need. They cover several different topics (POTS/Autonomic Disorders, Hypermobility Syndromes/EDS, and many more)

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Guest Blog - Spring Allergies

Guest Blog - Spring Allergies

Next Steps

Next Steps