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Homeopathic Trial & Error

Overall, California seems to be a lot more homeopathic "friendly" than Wisconsin was. I have a friend that works as a midwife and she's opened my eyes to some things to try out. 

First up! My personal favorite!!! Peppermint oil capsules. OMG game changer!

They're great for: the mornings when I don't feel well, after meals, or at any point throughout the day. I typically use about 1 or 2 per day (depending on a number of factors). And some days I can go without needing any.

  • Zofran, didn't work for me. Helped with the nausea but then completely stopped my gut (on top of already dealing with chronic constipation, it brought things to a halt)

  • Ginger chews work, when I'm not already too nauseous to try & eat something chewy

* Update* 5/1/19

Parasym Plus

I have an entire blog post on this. It’s a new one I’ve added to my regimen. I absolutely love it and it helps my digestive system a ton! And my energy levels too! Follow the link below or click here and use the code spoonsandbrainfog for 10% off your purchase.

Next up, Digestive Enzymes. Another game changer!

My gut has been slow for a long time. To the point that I was put on Xifaxan to try and target the overgrowth of bacteria in my intestines. The digestive enzymes I take have prebiotics and probiotics together. You take it right before your meal (but I've forgotten to do this before... and take it afterwards. Either way, it's working well!). I've noticed a lot more bubbling & gurgling in my stomach. But it isn't my usual bloating and feeling stuck; I think it's my body's way of saying that it's working :) 

** EDIT ** 5/1/19

I stopped taking these, but they may work for you (discuss with your doctor before trying new supplements). After discussing with my gastroenterologist, he said these are made for people with pancreatic problems. They’re a super low dose version of what they give patients with insufficient pancreas issues.

And before I go any further, check out that pill case! (in the strip just above!!). It's fantastic! I bought one to use as my "emergency meds". On the left side I have pain medication (Ibuprofen and my Meloxicam), on the right side i have allergy relief (Benadryl, Claritin & Zyrtec mixed together because they're different sizes), and in the middle I have backup digestive enzymes, peppermint oil capsules, and Aspirin. It's so beautiful I'm adding another picture here! Only a POTSie would be geeking out this much over a pill case haha. If you're looking to purchase it, you can get the 1 for about $7 or the 2 off-brand ones for about $10 (see the link above).

That's all the updates I have for homeopathic remedies that are new. Below is the list of things I've talked about before, work well, and I'm still using :) 

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