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Meds & Moving to California

Meds & Moving to California

**Written mid October 2017**

Until November 1st, I'm covered by my Wisconsin health insurance & prescription coverage. I already applied for my California insurance and it begins November 1st. I cannot see a doctor until then.

I have located a specialist I would like to see by using the website for their Provider Directory. As for finding a regular doctor in my area, I’m shooting in the dark here. Going to try one out that I found close to home and we’ll see how that goes.



Here’s where things get a bit more complex. My normal prescriptions - Gabapentin, Meloxicam, Zofran were no problem. My 5mg Adderall (for my low blood pressure) has been a huge pain.

Before I left on my road trip, my specialist gave me a paper script because I wasn’t going to be in the state when I needed a refill.

Attempt 1: A nearby hospital with the script in hand. Turned out it’s a private hospital and their pharmacy doesn’t fill prescriptions outside of the hospital. In Wisconsin, only hospitals carried that low of a dose in Adderall. Most retail pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, etc.) only carry it in 10mg and up. So in my head, I was going “oh no. I’m screwed” ... so I called the local Walgreens to see if they carried that low of a dose and YAY they do!!

Attempt 2: Drove over to Walgreens, handed them the script at the drive through window... and they say “We can’t fill this here. It needs to be from a California prescription pad. You’ll have to go see a California doctor and come back.” I drove away nearly in tears. I can’t afford to see a regular doctor right now without an emergency (that’s the only way my Wisconsin health insurance would cover a visit with a doctor out here). So I’ve been rationing my previous prescription and only taking it on days when I know I have to. Not fun. But I’m dealing with it.


In the meantime:

I made a new friend here that’s well-versed in natural alternatives. So I decided to order some to help with my extra symptoms now that I’m not able to take my medication on it’s regular schedule. Here’s the list :)

  • J. Crow's Lugol's Iodine Solution 2%
    • Iodine deficiency - requires doctor to diagnose...with the history of thyroid issues in my family and that my doctor has tested me for thyroid issues and I come up borderline every time
    • Symptoms - enlarged thyroid, constipation, difficulty thinking and understanding, fatigue, sensitivity to cold, or slow growth
    • **I was not a fan of this, and discontinued taking it. It was turning the mouth piece on my water bottles colors** 
  • Trace Minerals Research - ConcenTrace Trace Minerals Drops
    • Make my water taste great! And I find myself needing less Gatorade powder :)
    • **I still use this, between 3-5 drops per 1 liter water bottle**

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