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Salty Snacks

Salty Snacks

Salts to Try (and yes, I need to try more too)

Okay, so we all know about table salt. It's been on the table of every restaurant, in every salt packet, and in our kitchens. But there are SOOOO many other types of salt. I'm only going to list a few here that I've personally tried and enjoyed (please message me if you have others I should add). I've found that the tinier the 'flakes' are, the saltier it tastes. 

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - there are many health benefits (and for those of us with low blood pressure, it's tasty!). It's fairly inexpensive. I buy mine at Woodman's but you can find it in almost every grocery store.

  • Sea Salt - again extra minerals because it isn't as heavily processed as table salt.

  • Okay so I haven't tried that many...I have a few others in my kitchen that I'll be trying soon (Murray River - Pink Flake Salt, Alaea - Hawaiian Sea Salt, and Salish - Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt)


Cheap - but not necessarily healthy

Foods that Hide Salt Well (List from other patients)

  • Watermelon or Apples

    • "I pretty much just salt them to taste, so no measured amount but it ends up being quite a bit as I put more salt on after every bite :) The watermelon is especially a good option since it also has such a high water content."

  • Cucumbers

    • "My favorite is cucumbers. Just sprinkle salt liberally on sliced cucumbers."

According to Medical News Today

"The 6 following foods are the main sources of sodium in society's diet today:

  • Bread and rolls - Bread is packed with carbohydrates and calories, but according to the new report, it is also high in salt, even though it does not taste salty. One piece of bread can have more than 230 milligrams of sodium, which accounts for 15% of the recommended daily amount.

  • Cold cuts and cured meats - Although cold cuts are normally seen as a healthy way to go, deli meat and pre-packaged turkey can hold up to 1,050 milligrams of sodium, and it is added to most cooked meats to keep them from spoiling.

  • Pizza - Pizza contains fat, calories and cholesterol, but according to the report, it also contains high levels of sodium, around 760 milligrams per slice.

  • Poultry - The common belief is that chicken is not bad for you. However, sodium levels found in poultry are always different, depending on how it is prepared. The best option is to stick with grilled, lean, skinless chicken, even though these kinds still have added sodium.

  • Soup - Although soup is not considered unhealthy, especially because Moms use it as a remedy when children are sick, it can contain up to 940 milligrams per serving.

  • Sandwiches - Whether it be a hamburger, tuna sandwich, or a grilled cheese, the bread of a sandwich and cured meats both contain sodium, and when ketchup or mustard is added to the mix, a sandwich could have as much as 1,500 milligrams of sodium."

Battling the Summer Heat

Battling the Summer Heat

Salty Drink Ideas

Salty Drink Ideas